• Beaded Lettuce

    Variety beaded, very tender and tasty. After the cut, back to sprout very quickly. Sowing: March to late November. Harvest: after 30 days.

  • Smooth Lettuce

    It is one of the earliest varieties for cultivation and direct support as well as low temperatures. Light green, medium-sized and early maturation.

  • Purple Lettuce

    Beaded variety, with leaves of medium size, very intense red color and bright. It adapts well to various crop cycles direct.

  • Bunch Tomate

    Semi-vine variety with high yield and good resistance to pests. The fruit is fleshy, the flesh is tough, intense red color and has few seeds.

  • Cougette

    Variety of excellent flavor and almost seedless. The fruits are cylindrical, about the same size.

  • Cucumber

    Most productive variety with long fruits, approximately 20 cm, dark green. Ideal for open fields or greenhouses. Harvest from June.

  • Pimento

    Semi-early variety with high production and continuous. The fruit is fleshy, bright green. The pulp is sweet and of medium thickness.

  • Cole

    Early variety, which allows a phased harvest. Turnips round, very flat, white and violet light.

  • Cabbage

    Semi-early variety, compact, crunchy, conical in shape. Sowing: from spring to summer to harvest in late summer and early autumn

  • Canónigos (Mache)

    Bloom from March to June and should be harvested, preferably before flowering, since the leaves are more tender.